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About Us

Tom and I have twin daughters, and a younger son, and have holidayed on the Isle of Purbeck for many years. Tom has been holidaying here since he was a child, and so we bought our own retreat here in 2013 and plan to spend as much time in Studland as possible. We love Studland, we always have, and know you will too. With a young family, and a need to escape the pace of our working and school lives, we cherish our time here. We breathe in the atmosphere, appreciate the wilderness, and drink up the energy which this place gives us all. Our children play on the heath, returning only for a snack or drink, or to tell us about their latest adventures. We run or cycle every morning, straight out the door, over the heath, up to Agglestone Rock where we briefly admire and wonder at the immense view, then run down along the beach before returning home for a hot shower, and a hearty breakfast with the kids. We can't imagine any place we'd rather be with our children, its our piece of paradise!


Best Regards, Zoe



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